Long long long ago, in 2011, Djama and Alaska Flo (a two-headed alien monster) flew from a faraway planet to land on Earth. After taking a human-like form, it began to observe the men and women of earth on Youtube in order to understand them, but it didn’t work. What it did discover and appreciate were the astonishing sounds and melodies that would inspire it. Those sounds had been made by creatures whose names were utterly unknown to it such as Stevie Wonder, Kraftwerk, Flying Lotus, Radiohead, etc. The mutant from outer-space immediately decided to create it’s own band, logically naming it after the planet it came from : SaturneVille.

Djama, the one who masters the keyboards, is influenced as much by Robert Wyatt as by Omar and Herbie Hancock. As for Alaska Flo, he sees himself as some kind of soul crooner even though he mainly listens to bonkers U.S. hip hop (Danny Brown) or English rock (King Krule, Doves).

They have a common taste for soul and nu-soul, as well as for John Carpenter’s soundtracks and contemporary electro-funk (Dam-Funk, Com Truise). The haters say that one of them holds in high esteem the cheesy soundtrack of the French comedy La Soupe aux Choux and that the other secretly loves White Zombie. But no substance has ever been given to support those serious allegations…